NetCDF and Python API

Hi Vapor Team,
Thanks for the new updates! I’m having some issues loading NetCDF data with the Python API; data that works just fine with the Vapor GUI. I’m getting what looks like a compliance issue (see Output below) but if the file is non-compliant, it shouldn’t work in the GUI either. Any ideas?


import vapor
from vapor import session,renderer,dataset,camera
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

ses = session.Session()
data = ses.OpenDataset(dataset.MPAS, ["/Volumes/3TB-Data/cx/"])


Missing required dimension "Time"
Failed to initialize data importer
Failure to open data set of type "mpas"

Hi Becca, is the data file small enough to share? If so, it’d be easiest for us to reproduce the issue and fix it with the problematic data!

Hi! Sure, you can find the data here. Thanks!

Hi Becca, sorry for the very delayed reply, but it seems the data file is following CF convention, while you were trying to import it as in MPAS format. Could you try to open it as a CF file? Thanks!