Vapor 3.8 is live!

Download here

New Enhancements

3157 - Jupyter Notebook Widgets + conda recipe for easy Python API installation

conda create -n vapor python=3.9
conda activate vapor
conda install -c conda-forge -c ncar-vapor vapor

3230 - Allow user to load and save camera viewpoint as a file

Bug fixes

3280 - VAPOR 3.7 crashes on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
3257 - VAPOR crashes when run through Rosetta (x86 emulation) on arm64 based M1 Macbook. Missing library?
3250 - Particles jump with reduced Y extents
3246 - Particle renderer does not work without selecting velocity variables
3244 - Particles disappear when “Enable 3D Geometry” Disabled
3243 - Crash in UnstructuredGrid3D
3094 - Mess up smoke test headers won’t break build

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I am encountering an issue while trying to install the vapor library. The error message I receive is ‘Solving environment: failed with initial frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve.’ I have seen suggestions on forums to use mamba for installation, but I still encounter the error ‘Could not solve for environment specs. The following package could not be installed - vapor does not exist (perhaps a typo or a missing channel).’ I have experienced this issue on both Ubuntu and Windows 10 environments. Could you please provide guidance on how to properly install this library? Thank you.


Hi @yan, the command you need to use is conda install -c conda-forge -c ncar-vapor vapor . You can check out the installation instructions here.

Thank you for your reply, I uesd the command, but still it seems not work yet

We don’t currently support the Python API on Windows. Could you try that command on Ubuntu?

I’ve tried using this command on ubtun but I’m still getting this issue, could it be a network issue?

Yes, this is a different issue than the windows one. Sometimes it resolves itself quickly an sometimes it takes a while, but it usually resolves itself over time. Could you try running it in the background at let us know if it doesn’t succeed? If you could add “time” to the beginning of the command it would be helpful to know how long it’s taking you, and what country you’re trying to do this from.