DCP files (Netcdf4 files not getting saved)

I used the generateExampleDCP.py file to try and create my own list of files with particle coordinates. So instead of assigning a random generated array as the position variable, I gave my own array, which is also a 3D dataset. I did not change the velocity parameter, as I dont really need further timesteps as of the moment. When I run the script, it does execute without errors, but the files are not getting saved at all (I don’t see anything netcdf4 files in the directory). What could be the possible issue?

Hard to say without seeing your new script. Feel free to share it and I’ll take a look.

I have attached the files in this link.

It contains the 3D dataset (a .npy file) and the python script that I had used.

Ok nevermind, I found them, it was in the root directory xD. For some reason I thought the files would be saved in the same folder as the python script

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