Import particle Data

I am trying to import my particle data into Vapor. I can have my data in format ascii/txt or binary now. The entire population of microbes is stored for each timestep. It could look like this, for example time, ID, type (COPI, OLI, PS,PL,PL), state (healthy, senescent, dead), x, y, z, size. So it is not grid values. How can I get my data into Vapor?
Thank you
Yuanliang Hong

Hi Yuanliang, I’ve never converted ascii data into NetCDF before but I know it’s a common task. A quick google search yields this link for me. You will need to create NetCDF files that conform to our DCP format that’s explained here. I talk about it in this video, if that helps.

If you’re still stuck, attach one of your ascii files to this thread and we may be able to take a look at it, time permitting. We’re trying to release version 3.8 in the next few weeks so we are a bit preoccupied though.

Hi Pearse,

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve browsed the link you sent me. The Climate Data Operators (CDO) software is only supported for the classic data model and arrays up to 4 dimensions(horizontal and vertical grid and the time), but my ascii data include the entire population of microbes. I have uploaded one file here:Particle Data - Google Drive
I appreciate it very much, if you have time to take a look at it.