Converting HDF5 files to Vapor files

I’m having some trouble using the python script called (attached) sent to me my previous researchers. This file was used to convert HDF5 data files to Vapor’s data files: netCDF and VDC files. The documentation on command line arguments for Vapor 3.2.0 ( gives me ERROR 404 on every link.

The previous researchers at my lab used Vapor 2.6.0 whereas I have the latest version 3.2.0. It is in our interest at my lab to switch from Vapor 2.6.0 to 3.2.0 for current and future magnetohydrodynamic simulation efforts, but there are incompatibility issues. Here are the problems:

  1. Unlike Vapor 2.6.0, in the /Applications directory there isn’t a directory called /VAPOR but rather just one single directory named / So the old VAPORPATH variable in no longer works.

  2. The OS command line arguments ncdfvdfcreate and ncdf2vdf that are called in no longer exist. They were called to generate the .vdf files.

There may be more incompatibility problems that these two are the ones I have identified so far. I would love some help on this, thank you!

I don’t see an attachment for your script. Can you try again?