Creation of VDC documentation

Hi, I am trying to find some old documentation on the VAPOR site but I cannot locate it anymore. It had to do with converting to VDC from raw WRF files. If I remember there was 2 executables to use, but this documentation I cannot seem to locate. I believe it used to be under the “Getting Data into Vapor section” on the website. It was wrf2vdc I think and then another program once that step was done. Do you happen to have links to that old reference material that had the correct syntax to use to convert the entire wrf files to VDC? Thanks so much

You remember correctly. First you create a .vdc metadata file with wrfvdccreate, then transform the data with wrf2vdc. Vapor will then be able to issue File->Open VDC on your .vdc file.

Thank you so much for the help, this is just an unbelievably powerful tool, thanks for all you do!


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