How to control the Renderers layouts

Dear Colleges,

When I import my wrf file the white layout appears on the screen corresponding my 3D wrf simulation domain. However, when I stretch my Renderer by Z (e.g. by 5 times) the layout does not change, the modified layout is shown only when I turn on the Navigate->Region. I do not want to see double layouts on my screen. Can I make the initial layout transparent or how to fit that to my modified (stretched) layout?

Also, how can I change my background color (it is black now)?

Kind regards,

Hi Artur,

In Vapor, you can transform your dataset, and you can transform individual renderers. Stretching is one of the transforms that you can apply, along with translation and rotation.

I think what you want to do is to transform your entire dataset. This is done under the Navigation->Viewpoint tab. Apply a “Scale” factor here, and it will apply to all of the renderers you’ve created within that Dataset.

Leave the “Renderer” transforms alone, as this will compound the “Renderer” and “Dataset” transforms. Most Vapor users only need to transform their Dataset, and not their individual Renderers.

To change the background color, there is another option under Navigation->Annotation. See the screenshot below.

scaleFactor (1)