VAPOR plot data (Line plot)

I’m unable to open and plot the following file on vapor. I presume its a line in z direction with values at the points on the line. I got this from CM1, and tried plotting it with Plot Utility, but get blank plots.



When I look at the file, it seems to be 1 dimensional data. While there are three dimensions xh, yh, and zh, the X and Y axes are of size 1. We could probably give a more helpful error message here. However Vapor is intended to be used with 3D data. I’m guessing that there’s a problem with the data that you’re ingesting.

Would you suggest any other way to check the data or load it in for plotting? These values are intended to be time averaged statistics in the z-plane, hence only one dimension and are essential for some validation purposes.

For plotting data like this, you can use the modules netcdf4 to read the data, and matplotlib to plot it. Something like GeoCat ( might be overkill for a simple line plot if 1D data.

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