Inverted z-axis

I am trying to plot a netcdf file as a volume with an inverted z-axis that is in units of pressure. Thus, 10 mb is the top of the atmosphere and 1000 mb is the bottom. However, VAPOR is reading my data backwards from 10-1000. I have created the dataset in pyferret, for anyone familiar with that program. In it the netcdf is specified as a depth plot, but apparently, VAPOR does not understand whatever indication is given in the netcdf to communicate this.

I could easily input the data in meaningless, vertical axis with increasing values going up, but then I would have to re-label the axis somehow. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank You!

What version of VAPOR are you using? Is there any way that you could share a smallish copy of one of your files?

I am using VAPOR 3.2.0.

Here is the link to a subsection of the file:

Hi, so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I somehow missed your reply. I’ve sent you a request for access to the file you shared.

You can invert the vertical coordinate system by multiplying the data set scaling factor by -1. This can be done for all of the renderers under the Navigation/Viewpoint tab. Alternatively you can do this on a per render basis under each Renderer’s Geometry subtab. Does that do what you want it to do?

I tried that, yet my rendering disappears when I do so using either method mentioned above.

Hmm. It seems to be working for me. I’ve attached two images, one with the default scaling set under Navigation/Viewpoint (44496.9), and one where I’ve negated the scaling (-44496.9).