Image render at the bottom of atmospheric pressure levels

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I have a NetCDF dataset consisting of 1hPa-1000hPa hourly temperature time series over a -30/25°E, 35/75°N area.

I would like to plot overlayed slices, with the land borders at the bottom.
The trick is that the pressure levels are inverse of the elevation so the 1000hPa level is the lowest in altitude.
To go around the fact that vapor plot them in the ascending order, I applied a -1 scaling of the Z axis, but the problem is that If I had an image renderer of the lands, the lands end up on top of the temperature slices.

How could I combine both the inverted pressure levels and topography at the bottom?

This is what I get when I scale by -1

Scaling by -1 is an interesting approach I never thought of. I’ll be trying this in the future.

Have you tried translating the image renderer by (Z extents) * -1 in its Geometry tab?

The -1 idea is not from me either, but from this very discourse :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip, yes translating it works!

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